Guest Gallery Vlll
These two wonderful examples of the netted necklace were sent to me by the talented Vampi.  I love her creative uses of buttons for closures. They add just the right touch! To see more of Vampi's awesome work, click here, or check out her fabulous 'Embroidered bead collar" tutorial in the Oct. 2003 issue of Bead & Button Magazine!
Jennifer Wentland is a new beader who is well on her way to becoming a seasoned pro!  She says, "I have only been beading since June so when I found your Star tutorial I knew I just had to try it because it looked easy for a beginner like me. I found it was really easy to do and I love the results."  I love your results too Jen!  Thanks for sending me the pictures.  :)
Here are 3 beautiful examples of how a basic barefoot sandal pattern can be changed into something stunning!  JoAnn sent this pic to me along with an email that said in part, "I wish I had introduced them in the beginning of the summer because they are so popular. They were all made for my daughter's birthday, and she says she wears them every day!"  I can see why she does!  You did a beautiful job on them JoAnn. Thanks!
This yummy version of Cecile's Wheel was sent to me by Braiden.  It looks good enough to eat!  Go check out more of Braiden's fabulous work here.
Donna sent these 3 gorgeous examples of how different the netted necklace can look by adding some embellishments. Shades of Purple one is made with light purple AB with metallic purple accent beads and two sizes of light purple bicones, with a loop and bead closure. Donna says, "With the green and white one I wanted the look of snow on fir with ice crystals - so I used transparent emerald beads with opaque white and tiny clear Swarovski bicones around the edge. I made a beaded bead for the closure and used several loops to make it adjustable."
Stars at Night - is made from black AB beads with black AB bicones and black AB stars, with a faceted black AB bead for the closure.
She added, "I made the purple one first, and it was so pretty that right away I wanted to make another one! So the second one was the black one, then with the green one I got a little fancier with the adjustable closure and beaded bead!"
Thanks Donna!  They're all really wonderful!  Go to Donna's Website
I can't even begin to tell you how inspired and awed I am by this choker.  You will be too when you read the email that accompanied it......>
Hi Ruby,
My mom finished a choker from your book you signed for her, and she is so proud of it she could burst! She made it for her granddaughter (my niece-19 yrs old) for Christmas. You might remember her, Margie Elliott? She beads with one hand due to a stroke? All I had to do for her was get the choker started, then she did all the weaving by herself, then I helped her with the clasp. Pretty impressive, if I do say so myself! She figured out she could tie one end of the beading to a coffee mug handle to hold it in place. She's now working on a matching bracelet. I'm just so happy she's able to do this (thanks to you and your book), and I wanted to share with you the joy :)

She's already talking about making something in RAW - yesterday I was showing her how simple it is, and I could see in her eyes when it just "clicked."
This was sent by Marge's daughter Bonnie, and it made my week! I want to thank Marge for being such an inspiration to the rest of us, and to Bonnie for sending me the photo.  I'll be really looking forward to seeing the bracelet!
Here's another gorgeous example of what happens when a person starts with a basic pattern and lets their creativity take over!  This wonderful version of Cecile's Wheel was sent to me by Denise Hindman, who has only been beading for 3 years. She used Black fire polished beads, and blue and silver-lined clear beads. Thanks Denise!  It really is inspiring! (Love the earrings too!)
Rita Muller sent this picture of the wonderful barefoot sandals she made, along with this note:
"Thanks for the tutorial on Barefoot Sandles #2. I saw my first BFS last October while at a wedding on Sunset Beach, near Indian Rocks Beach, Florida, where I live. The bead bug was just around the corner from striking, and I believe those first BFS sightings started him buzzing around my creative brain.
I'm unemployed right now and had to make do with some beads already living in my stash, a mixture of 11/0 and 6/0, and strung with 10lb test Fireline using a #12 needle. I had a wonderful time making the sandles."

Thanks for sending the pic Rita!  I'm glad you got bitten by the bead bug...... you did a wonderful job on them! (I love the nail polish too!  ooh la la! )  :)