Garden Tour June 15th 2005
I put some different stuff in the planter this year. I've got a potato vine, and a variagated potato vine, some Lobelia on top, Begonias, Bacoba, Variagated Vinca Vine, and a Geranium.
Of course, Hershey, the hambone, always has to get in the picture!
Here's a composite of the front of the house.  Look at my Delphiniums next to the Hosta! They're HUGE this year compared to last!
Here's the Iris bed. Click here to see more!
Persian Shield, Wave Petunias, Pansies and a Begonia that I wintered over from last year. :)
In the rock planter I have Variagated Potato Vine, Wave Petunias, Geranium, and sedum still there from last year.

The big pot at the end of the flower bed has a Dinnerplate Dahlia in it.
In front of the apartment I have Hosta, Lamium, Flax and a Double Impatiens at the end. (red)

Below is a bucket Angie planted, and a close-up of the Lamium.
In the shed bed, I have Hosta, different Coleus, Impatiens, Polka Dot plant, Bleeding Heart and Monkey flowers.  The hanging pot has a coleus, pansies and vinca vine.

Paul and Zoe found enough rocks to do the border!
Here's one side of my Dahlia bed. They're all dinnerplate, except the big one in the corner....Zoe gave that one to me. It's already starting to get flower buds!
A view from the other side. I've got Alyssum planted around the edge, and Cannas from Zoe around the tree. In the corner are Calla Lilies from Zoe. :)
Here's a closer pic of the Callas. I can't wait until this bed is in bloom!  It's going to be fantastic! I've got all different colors of Dahlias...pinks, reds, yellows... It's going to be SO pretty!
I had to put chicken wire around my Clematis to keep the bunnies from eating it all! I also put a Morning Glory in the corner.
Here's a composite pic of my big disappointment. :(  I filled this garden with bare root plants last fall, (you can see all the little markers) and barely anything came up. One Autumn Joy Sedum made it, and some Alliums, but the rest of the things you see have been moved from other areas. I'm going shopping soon to fill it up. Luckily, I'll get all my money back from SpringHill to replace those plants.
On to the Meditation Garden....
Things look pretty bare yet, but I have a few Stella D'Oro daylilies, lots of Hostas, Coleus and Astilbes in peach, cream, lavender and red.  I also threw some Impatiens in for some color.
Here's the back where I put all the ferns from Mom. I think they like it here!
And this is up on the hill next to the garage. I've got a lot of work to do on this bed yet. And I have to move those daylilies!  I didn't know they should be planted in the sun when I put them there last year. DUH!  I've also got some Impatiens, some Kong Coleus, and a couple of Astilbes.
I'll update this page when things are in bloom and let you all know when it's up.

Thanks for stopping by!  ;)