Front Garden 2006
This is the 3rd year for this flower bed, and it sure has gone through some changes!  I still have a lot of the original plants in it, but I had to move a lot of them because other things got so big!  

It's so much fun to go out every morning and look at it because there's always something new happening!

This picture was taken after a rain, so things are kinda dragging from the water weight.  (I know how they feel! haha)
The Columbine that I got last year when I went to visit my mom in northern MN was the first thing to bloom this spring. And it bloomed and bloomed!  It's June 17th today, and it's still blooming! Mouse over for a close-up of this gorgeous flower!
This picture was taken on May 31st.
Here's another view of the Columbine that was taken on June 4th.

You can see how tall and full my Delphiniums on the end got this year!  It's especially amazing to me since I planted them in a cement block that borders the back side of the garden!

This picture was taken on June 4th
Here they are starting to bloom. I can't believe all the buds they have on them!!!
Mouse over for a close-up of this glorious flower!

I really love that you can cut the stalks off of these after they're done flowering, and you'll get another bloom in the fall when you need some more color!

These pics were taken on June 17th
I was so thrilled when my Ramblin' Red rose bush made it through the winter! If it grows as much this summer as it last summer, I'm going to need a bigger trellis!  Which I won't mind one little bit.  ;)  As you can see from the close-up on the mouse over, it started blooming in early June. What a visual treat!
Here's my beloved Dianthus. It's come back for it's 3rd year, just as pretty as before.
Behind it are some plants that I couldn't remember if I planted there, or if they were weeds. So I let them go. Am I glad I did!  I think they're called Cherry Bells.
Mouse over for a closer look.
I started with one lone Hollyhock in the summer of 04. Now they've taken over the whole corner!  I've even given a bunch away, and planted them in the hill garden!  They're so pretty, but I don't need this many! I have to have room for the Mums, although they didn't come back this year. I'll have to get new ones. Mouse over for a close-up of the flower.
They look so pretty next to that Amethyst Salvia!
This is a Little Princess Spirea that's on the other side of that Salvia.  Another plant that I had no idea of how big it was going to get!
Here's some pretty Campanula that is getting crowded out by the Salvia and the Spirea. I'll have to find a place to move them so they'll have some room.
Some pink Celosia next to some Primrose that haven't bloomed yet.
Here are some red Celosia that are just starting to bloom. These get much bigger, and I just love the variagated foliage on them!

In front of them is Sweet Allysum that I planted from seed this year. I normally buy the 6 packs of Allysum, but I thought I'd try the seed. I'll have to see if they fill in as nice as the plants do.

June 15th
This Salvia just blows me away!  It's gotten SO huge in just 2 years!  I had to stake it up though because otherwise it flops all over the bed and covers up everything else. It sure is beautiful though.  :)

June 15th
This is a new annual I'm trying this year. I can't recall of the name of it though!  I don't even know how big it's going to get. It sure is pretty. :)  I put in a 6 pack of these, but this was the only one flowering now.

June 15th
I put this picture up because I thought it was cute. Emma, our new dog and Mr. Boots, our old cat were in the process of trying to get to know each other. They're doing great so far!

May 29th
June 17th
Check back to see what's blooming throughout the summer!  I'll keep adding more pictures.  :)
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It's June 21st today, and the first of my Lilies bloomed. Dad Fischer gave these to me the first year I started this bed (2004) and I (like a dummy) planted them in the cement blocks at the back of the bed. Now it's impossible to dig them out to separate them. :(  I'm amazed that not only do they can keep coming back, but they come back bigger, with more flowers! Mouse over to see what they looked like when I first planted them two summers ago.
I didn't think this pink shrub rose had made it through the winter, so I decided to dig it up. After I got the shovel under it and lifted it a bit, I saw green! So I quick put it back.  That'll teach me to be patient!  Some things just take longer than others to get started!  I hope I didn't damage it too much, and that it will come back again next year.

June 21st
<........This hollyhock is growing in a pot I left outside all winter!  The seeds must have dropped into it from the main plant. These things are incredible!