I can't believe how everything has grown!  It looked so sparse when I planted it.  
I guess I should have waited until Paul mowed the grass to take the pictures, but......
Here are my hostas that have been there forever. I'm not going to be afraid to separate them next year....I'll have enough hostas to plant everywhere!

I planted begonias and vinca vine in the hanging baskets.
I got one of everything to put in here since I didn't know what would grow.  There's Hollyhocks, Delphinium, Mums, Lady's Mantle, Coral Bells, Yellow shrub roses, Celosia, Lillies, Hardy Geraniums, Ajuga, Coleus, Begonias, Purple Salvia, Red Salvia, Bleeding Hearts, Campanula and purple Alyssum in this picture.
This is the middle of the bed, with the same things plus Bee Balm, Gayfeather, and white Alyssum.
This is the other end of course, with red roses, begonias, a pink shrub rose on the end, and those beautiful deep and pale pink Dianthus.  The greenery under the roses are all mums!  I only planted a few, and they're taking over!  I can't wait until they bloom.  They're hiding the coral bells behind them though. (I had no idea they'd get so tall!)
Paul made this planter for me out of the rocks from the cellar walls. This was when I first planted it in the middle of June.....  Mouse over to see it today!  
I can't believe it!!!  I haven't added anything since this first picture!
I've got Coleus, ivy geranium, potato vine, vinca vine, bacoba, sedum, and wave pansies planted here.
On to the shade/Meditation Garden