Front Bed July 06
My Sweet Allysum that I planted from seed has grown well, but it looks straggly compared to when I bought the plants in 6 packs last year. Lots cheaper though!  ;)

This whole bed is going to have to be re-worked next year. It's gotten a little out of hand, and although I like the 'cottage' look for the hill garden, I'd rather have a neater appearance in this bed.
I love the foliage on this red Celosia!
The Hummingbirds go nuts for this Red Salvia!  I love watching them flit around all the plants. :)
Some yellow Lilies with a Hibiscus behind it. This is one of the Hibiscus I got from my mom along time ago.
These are pictures of two different on either side of the Purple Salvia.
The Cherry Bells have been blooming their heads off!
This Lily is just about to open.  I love it that they all open at different times!  Too bad they don't bloom all summer.
My Ramblin' Red Rose is still blooming a little, but it's looking a little straggley.....I think I need to get some Epsom salts!
These red Petunias sure brighten things up!  I can't remember what the purple flowers are called.
This is the rock planter on the end of the front garden.  I like to put Coleus, Petunias, and Potato Vine in here.

That big spray in the pot next to it is one that I wintered over from last year! It's got a couple of Geraniums in with it, but I just deadheaded them before I took the picture. They were in the pot when I kept it over the winter.
Here's a close-up of the large Coleus. That's not a coleus on the left side of the pot (I can't recall what it is) but it looks like one, and goes good with the other plant, so I put them together. :)
Here's a new kind of Coleus I found this year. I think it's so neat!  I hope I can keep this one going over the winter like I do my other Coleus.
Just a view from a different angle. This shows the variagated potato vine better.
Purple wave petunias with some pink/green potato vine.
One of the pretty Petunias that's in the whiskey barrel on the porch behind the rock planter.
You can see that I have a couple of Delphinim stalks still hanging in there, but they'll be gone soon.

I don't know what happened to my Hostas that are under the kitchen windows this year. They got all dried out and burnt looking, so I had to cut them way back.  It looks pretty bare there now.  :(
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