This pendant was made in the same way as the green one, but the squares had only 3 beads per side (12 beads per square) so I just used 4mm Swarovski bicones without the seeds on either side.  I added a 2 bead ladder stitch bail to this one.
Another pendant made the same way, but this time I added 5 bead netting around the outside, a teardrop bead in the center and 3 spear beads to the bottom.
Here's a close-up so you can see the netting and the drops better.  :)

As you can see in this picture, I didn't have to do a knot/turn when adding the red beads since the direction that they lay isn't as obvious as with the seed, bead, seed combination.
More diamond pendant examples
This is a fun shape to play with!  Use it as a square, or as a diamond. Add netting, a center bead, etc.  Or make a bunch of them, link them together and make a bracelet. Just have fun and see what you come up with.  :)

TIP: If you would like to stiffen it up a little, lay it on a piece of wax paper and dab some Future floor polish on it with a paintbrush. Let it dry, and it will be nice and stiff.  :)
If you make one of these and would like to show it here on the examples page, send it to me along with info on what beads you used, how you embellished, etc.
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A couple more variations. I added a second row of squares to the bottom half of the first one, and did some seed bead embellishing.

I used cube beads on the second one.