Diamond shape woven pendant

Small amount of Delicas or size 11 seeds)
12 4mm round beads
Size 12 needle
Thread of your choice (I used 8lb Fireline)
This pendant is made using single needle R.A.W. (Right Angle Weave) although you could certainly make it using 2 needle R.A.W.

We'll just be making small squares, and making those squares into a larger square, then embellishing.  Easy!
Step 1
Begin by picking up 16 seeds. (This will give you 4 beads per side.) Tie them in a circle, then needle through the next  12 seeds so your thread is coming out as shown in the pic.  Leave a tail to weave in later.
Step 2
Pick up 12 seeds, and making a circle, go back through 4 side beads as shown. (Pic2.)  Needle through the next 8 beads so you're in position to add your next square/circle. (Pic 2a)  Keep a good even tension.
Step 3.
Repeat 2 more times, but on the 4th square you've made, needle through all 12 beads. Now you'll be in position to make the turn. The fancy red lines show where we're going next.  ;)
Step 4.
Make 3 more squares, as before. On the last square we will just go through the side beads of the previous square without needling through any more beads. This will make the 2nd turn.  Easy isn't it?
Step 5.
Make 1 more square, needling through 8 beads this time to be in position to join the last square.  
Step 6.
Now we'll just join the squares by picking up 4 seeds, going  down through the side of the first square you made, then picking up 4 more beads and going up through the last square you made.
Step 7.
Now just needle through until your thread is coming out next to your tail. Then we can start embellishing!

You can also weave in your tail at this point if you want.
Now pick up a seed, a 4mm, and another seed. Lay them across the square at an angle, and go down through the 4 side beads as shown.

Repeat across the next 3 squares.  (Following my artistically drawn red lines.)  ;)
Design Note:
Try different beads for your center bead. This sample shows a 6mm Fiber Optic bead instead of the seed, bead, seed combination.
After the 4th center bead is put in, you will have to start going a different direction to get you center beads to all lie in the right direction.

So add your corner bead like normal, going down through the 4 side beads. Then needle through the next 12 beads. Make a knot around the thread, then go back up through the last 4 seeds as shown with the arrow. Now you're in position to add the 4mm beads to this side.
Depending on the center bead you're using, this knot/turn might not be necessary. You may be able to follow the natural thread path. But since this design has the seed, 4mm, seed, the beads will lie in opposite directions if we don't make the knot/turn.  See next pic to see what I mean.
Compare the way the beads lie in this pic to the way they're sitting in the finished pendant.
Continue adding beads all the way around, using either the knot/turn or following the natural threadpath.

When you get to the end add a bail.  You can do this any way you'd like of course.  The way I'm showing is just a small bail because I wanted this pendant to hang from a small chain.
With your thread coming out of a corner, pick up 2 dark and 9 light seeds. Go back down through the 2 dark seeds, and into the next bead on the square.

If you'd like to re-inforce it, just weave around the square, and around the bail again.
When you're finished, just weave the thread around, following the thread path. Make at least 2 circles to make sure it won't come undone, then clip your thread.

I like to go all the way around, following the threadpath. This will stiffen it up a little, and make it really secure.

Click the link at the bottom of the page (other pendant examples) for a tip on stiffening it up even more!
Ruby's Jewelry Design & Beadwork  Copyright 2006
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