Begin by picking up 6 seeds and tying them in a circle.  Be sure to leave a long enough tail to attach your clasp with later.
Now needle up through three beads, to be in position to make your first 'daisy'.
Pick up 9 seeds. With your thread coming out of the top, go up through the bottom 2 of the 3 side beads as shown.
Pick up your cube (or center bead) and place it in the middle of the circle, then go up through the top 2 side beads.
Snug it up, and if you need to, arrange the beads so that there are 3 beads on each side of the cube.
Pick up 3 seeds, and with the thread coming out of the top, go up through the bottom of the side 3 beads.
You are now ready to make your next daisy. Repeat steps 3 through 7 until you reach the length you want. Remember to leave about an inch for the clasp. :)
Now go down through the last 3 beads added.
When you get to the end, pick up 5 seeds, and go back up through the 3 side beads. (You can now use this little loop to put a jumpring through to attach your clasp when you're done.)
Needle around until you're coming out of the last of the 3 seeds of the first daisy on the top row.
This pass is the easiest!  All you do is put a 3 or 4mm round between each daisy.  Go all the way around the bracelet until you get back to where you started.
On the last pass, we'll put the little peaks above the round beads. Needle through until you're coming out of a round bead, pick up 5 seeds, and go back through the round bead.
To get the little peak, all you do is to go back through the first 2 seeds, skip the 3rd seed, and go through the last 2 seeds.  Pull snug. I like to put my needle through that center seed to pop it up while I'm snugging it up.

Then go through your pearl, the next 3 seeds on top of the daisy, through the next pearl, and put your peak on that one. (Follow the fancy red line)
Repeat all the way around.
Daisy Variation Bracelet 2
This variation on the simple daisy stitch is done by using cube beads as the center of the daisies, and then embellishing around the outside edge.
*You'll want to keep your tension snug while you're working.
After you've added all your peaks, weave your thread in and clip.

Make a loop on the other end of your bracelet with your tail, then add a jumpring to the loops and attach your clasp.

Find something to wear that matches, and go out and show off your new bracelet.  ;)

This pattern really eats up the thread, so start with as long a piece as you are comfortable working with.  I started with 3 long pulls, and I still ran out before I was done. ;)

To add new thread:
Weave your old thread around to finish off.  Thread a new needle and start where you left off with the old thread. Put a needle on the other end of the new thread, and weave it into the bracelet in the opposite direction, then keep going with the new thread.

If you need more help, just email me.  :)
Ruby's Jewelry Design & Beadwork

Approx. (19) 4mm cubes. I'm using color #SQ4-215 from WhimBeads.

Approx. (38) 4mm round beads. I'm using Burgundy Swarovski pearls. (Or you can use 3mm rounds, bicones, etc.)

Size 11.0 seed beads.  I'm using color #T11-337 from WhimBeads

A size 12 needle is necessary to accomodate the multiple passes of thread through the beads.

Thread.... I'm using 8lb. Fireline  *See notes at end about thread length and adding more thread.
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