Daisy Variation Bracelet
After I showed this daisy bracelet on the About Jewelry making forum, I was asked for directions on how to make it. I didn't have any more of the pink and green fiber optic beads to use in a tutorial, so I'm going to use different colors.
Try your own color combinations and see what you can come up with!  :)

Click here to see other colors, and pics of pieces sent in by other jewelry artists. If you would like your version displayed here, just email it to me!

72  4mm round beads
12  8mm round beads
size 11.0 seed beads (approx 120)
Thread.... (I used 10lb Fireline)
Needle ....(I use a size 12)
1) Begin by picking up eight 4mm beads and tie them in a circle. (I'll refer to these as the 'petals')

Be sure to leave about 10 inches for a tail to attach the clasp later.
2) Pick up your center bead (8mm) and go up through the 4th petal bead from your knot. (See red X)
This bracelet is made by making the individual motifs and then connecting them.  I use about 30 - 36" of thread for each one.

*Try different ways of connecting the flower squares for a totally different look!
3)  Pick up 3 seeds, one 4mm, and 3 seeds. Skip next petal, and go through the next one.
4) Repeat step 3 three more times. After the last one, needle up through the first 3 seeds and the first 4mm you added on this round. Now we're in position to add the first half of the connector.
5)  Pick up 3 seed, one 8mm, and 3 seeds, and go up through the next 4mm from the previous round.
6) Follow the fancy red line and needle through until you're coming out of the 8mm bead.  Take your needle off and set aside for now.
7)  The rest of the motifs are made the same way with the exception of the tail.  Leave only a few inches of tail, and then weave it in and clip it after you've finished your motif. You'll use your working thread (the end with the needle) to attach the next motif, so be sure you leave that long enough.  Make 5 or 6 motifs, depending on the length you want your bracelet to be.
8) Now you can start to connect them.  At this point, I like to weave my tail from the first motif over to the position it needs to be in to attach the clasp.(Just to keep it out of my way.)  See Pic.
Now lay 2 pieces side by side in the position shown. Put your needle on the thread from the 1st motif, pick up 3 seeds and enter the side 4mm bead as shown.  

Needle around the motif until you're coming out of the opposite 4mm bead as shown.

Pick up 3 more seeds, then go down through your 8mm bead and pull snug.
Now weave your thread into the first motif as shown and clip.  I like to weave around the petal beads 2 or 3 times before I cut my thread. You can make some half hitch knots in between the beads if you'd like.
Connect the rest of your motifs the same way.  :)
After you've connected your last motif, you can attach your clasp.

For the beginning end of the bracelet:
Make sure your tail thread is coming out of the bead shown in step 8. Pick up 3 seeds, an 8mm and 3 seeds and go up through the top 4mm bead as before.

Weave around like you did on the other motifs until your thread is coming out of the 8mm bead again.
You can of course use whatever type of clasp you want, but I chose a double strand clasp.

Pick up 2 seeds, go through one side of the clasp, then back through the 2 seeds, and through the 8mm bead.

Repeat on other side of clasp.

I always repeat these steps a few times to make sure that the clasp is reinforced good, then I weave my thread back into the bracelet, go around the last motif a few times (following the petal beads) and clip.

Attach the other side of clasp on the other end.

DONE! Wasn't that fun?
2004 Ruby's Jewelry Design & Beadwork
You may make this bracelet for yourself, or to sell as long as they are not mass produced. If you sell online, please give me credit for the design. :) Please do not use the text or grahics for classes or any other reason without my permission.  Thanks!