Designing with Daisies

I think it might be safe to say that the daisy chain was the first stitch for alot of beaders. Maybe they learned it at camp, or at school, or from a kindly old aunt.  Little girls love to make daisy chains because they're fast, simple, and cute!  But don't let the simplicity fool you.  There are many nice variations of daisy chains that make wonderful bracelets, necklaces, and straps for amulet bags. 

I've been playing with daisies this week, and thought I'd share some of the things I made in hopes that I might inspire someone else to give them a try and see what they can come up with.  And, as always, if you'd like to share what you made,
email me your picture, and I'll put it in my guest gallery.    :)

Below are examples of some different variations on the simple daisy.
Simple daisies with spaces.
This is called a daisy bar. It's just daisies hooked together, with a different color thrown in for effect.
This is the same stitch.....the only difference being the placement of color.
Same stitch again, only this time I used all the same color, and did two rows.
Again, the same stitch. This time I made three rows.
Same stitch again... (are you sensing a pattern here?)  The difference in this one is that I left out the middle bead of the flowers in the middle row.
This one was really easy....I just made two separate daisy chains and connected them with the black beads!
Ok, now that you've seen what I've been up to, I hope you'll want to try your own. There are basic instructions at the About Beadwork site, and at the  Eagle Spirit website, and also very good instructions in Horace Goodhue's book, 'Indian Beadweaving Techniques'. Jeanette Shanigan has some great double daisy patterns at, including a great Santa bracelet and a pretty Valentine's Day bracelet.  You can either put her name in a serch there, or click here for a direct link.  I've also included instructions on how to do multiple row daisies in my new book.  Have fun, and happy beading!