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This gorgeous combination was done by Jeanie Vitale. She used dyed blue Mother of Pearl and Rainbow Moonstone beads. Thanks Jeanie, it's beautiful! To see more of Jeanie's work, click here.
This stunning combination was done by Vera-Aleksa.  She wrote: " I actually did it in a bit different way; first the base row with 8mm glassbeads, 4mm facets and 11/0 seeds, then added seeds and 4mm glassbeads to both sides, so at the end I had only two tails to weave in."  I love it!  Thanks Vera-Aleksa!  Be sure to click on her name to visit her site and see her wonderful tutorials!
I'm always amazed at the different looks people can come up with using the the same basic directions. Here's another great example of creativity at work! This beauty was made by Lolly, and it features a very nice use of a vintage button for the closure!  Thanks Lolly!
These ultra fabulous rings were made by Cat. Here's what she said about them.... "I just had a simple idea for some rings - a single motif from Ruby's daisy bracelet for which she posted the tutorial here recently. The first one is made with Swarovski pearls, the second with catseyes, and the third with a Swarovski rosemontee (violet-coloured but the colour has got lost here!), Swarovski pearls and silver beads."
All I can say is WOW!!!!!  Thanks Cat!