The dahlia bed is looking like a jungle!  It's so beautiful.

Look at those Canna lilies!  I can't believe how gigantic they are. I sure hope they bloom this year. If they don't though, I won't be disappointed....the leaves are dramatic enough!

There are some huge Calla lilies in the corner too, but they're kind of hidden by the Dahlias.
A view of the other side. I just can't get over how big those cannas are!

The Sweet Alyssum and Callas (in the right corner) sure seem to love being here. :)

I lost one big Dahlia in a windstorm, that's why there's a gap in the middle. :(

You can't really see them good, but I also have two small Dahlias in the front. The leaves are darker than the dinnerplates, and of course the flowers were smaller. They haven't bloomed for a while though.
Some pics of the individual kinds..........
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Dahlia Page (August 1 2005)
Even though Dahlias, Cannas and Callas need to be dug up and re-planted every year, I think they're well worth the trouble!
They're HUGE!!!!!!
Is this a perfect flower or what?!!!  ...>
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Here's the newest one.... it just bloomed on the 11th. It's SO much more beautiful in person!
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