Here's a simple little bracelet 'ramp'. I just glued some paper onto some cardboard, cut out a rectangle with one rounded end,(the front end) and then folded the top under into a triangle to raise it up. Then I cut out a little notch on the front to hang the bracelet from.  These would look nice covered with velvet, or some other fabric. but also look nice made out of heavy black paper with silver writing.  
Cut the shape out of strong tagboard, cut the notch out (for hanging the necklace) with an exacto knife, bend the bottom into a ring and fasten. Then bend the top piece down and connect it to the bottom ring.

Sorry about the horrid drawing, but hopefully by looking at the photo, you can tell what I'm trying to show you. ;)
UPDATE!  After I put this page up, a nice gal named Julie drew a pattern for the bust, and told me that she would send it to anyone who asked.  If you'd like to get one, email Julie.
Thanks Julie!
This cork board display is easy and inexpensive to make, and it's portable and holds a lot of small items.  All I did was to buy two bulletin boards (cork boards) and 3 small hinges to connect them. Then I covered them with fabric using spray on craft glue. These are nice for craft shows because you can fold them up for transport, then just open them up and set them on your table.
When we had new linoleum put in our house, I was eyeing the hard cardboard roll that it came on! I asked the installer to please leave it behind.  I got out my trusty Sawzall, and cut them into the lengths I wanted, and covered them with fabric.

To get them to stand up, I just used 2 small blocks of wood for the bases, (also covered with fabric) and screwed a long piece of scrap wood into the center of it. Then I just slid the tube over it.  They display a lot of chokers in a small table space, and didn't cost me a thing!
These are some cardboard displays that I cut out and glued a cardboard stand onto the back of. Some of them have paper glued to the front that I printed out on the computer that has a pretty background and my name on.  Not real professional, but they work in a pinch for your first few craft or home shows when money is tight.  ;)
Do It Yourself Display Ideas for tight budgets.
If you'd like to share pictures/instructions on a display you've made, just email me, and I'll add it to this page. :)
This one was really easy. I just covered a piece of cardboard with fabric, then folded it half. I glued a strip of cardboard inside connecting the two sides to keep if from falling flat.
I made these bracelet ramps out of Pringles cans. I cut one side off flat so they wouldn't roll around, and covered them with fabric. Fast and effective!