Welcome to my first tutorial!
Hi, My name is Ruby, and I'm a beadaholic.
Now that that's out of the way.......
Several people have asked me for directions on making my cuff bracelets, and some of the women on the About Jewelry Making forum have told me that I should do some tutorials. I was hestitant because I had no clue as to how to go about it. But one of the gals I had sent instructions to emailed me for help, and I realized that the time was right to 'show' as well as tell'.
So here it is! Thanks Antonietta, Alexia, PJ and Mar! And all the rest of the wonderful jewelry artists that have helped me so much! You all know who you are. :-)
It should now look like the picture on the left.

Now make you turn like you did before, and follow the pattern from there on, to the length you'd like, leaving about 3/4" to 1" for the clasp.

That's all there is to it! For a different look, try using a larger bead for your accent bead. If you'd like a lacier looking edge, add 3 beads on your turn instead of two.

If you'd like to make the beaded ball and loop closure like on the picture, go here.

If you have any problems, or would just like to chat about beadwork, just email me.
Size D Nymo thread
Two colors size 11 seed beads ( you can use any size you like, but finished size will vary.)
I start off with about 3 long pulls (fingertip to fingertip, arms spread wide) of thread, because I hate adding thread, but you can use whatever length is comfortable for you.
String on a stopper bead, leaving about 10" of thread to make your loop, or put on your clasp afterwards.
Start by stringing 9 sets of 1A, (accent color, inthis case black), 2M, (main color, white), for a total of 27 beads.
Go back up through the 3rd A bead from the bottom. It should look like this picture.
Now add 2 M, 1 A, 2 M, skip next accent, and go up through the next accent bead. Keep your thread tension snug, but not so tight that it will buckle.
Continue in this pattern to top, go through first accent bead you strung.
Now we'll make our turn. At this point I like to turn my work so I'm always going up. Keep your thread tension snug.
String on 2 main color, 1 accent, 2 main color beads, and go through the next accent on the previous row.
Continue adding 2 main, 1 accent, 2 main, skipping next accent from the row before, and going through the next, to end.
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