Kathleen sent these 3 pictures of crosses that she made, and she said, "I made the large white pearl as a practice run with really cheap beads, I liked the look and made the necklace to go with it, I think it looks slightly medieval and will make it in smaller real pearls.
The garnet one was in the correct beads and I added it to a necklace that I had already made. I need to change to embellishing beads as they are the wrong colout. The necklace was based on Ann Boleyn style, also to make a clasp so that it can be removed if necessary.
The third is a rosary in shell based pearls. Ive been making a few rosaries and this cross is just perfect."
They all look great Kathleen!  I'm glad that the tutorial has helped you to learn a new stitch, and allowed you to branch off on your own, and create such beautiful things!  Thanks so much for sharing your pictures. :)
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If you'd like to share pictures of what you've made using the cross tutorial, just email the picture to me, along with any information on what beads you used, etc. If you'd like your email and/or website listed with the picture, let me know, and I'll include it.  :)