Start by doing regular RAW (with either 1 or 2 needles) Repeat until you have 13 beads.  I've alternated the colors...step 1 black, step 2 red, etc.
Needle back up until you're coming out of the side bead shown and add 3 beads to each side.
To add the embellishment beads, come out of the top bead, pick up 5 seeds and go up through the 4th bead. Continue until the end. The blue dots are the beads, the red line is the thread path.
Now come back the other way. Pick up 2 beads, go through the center bead of the 5 you added before, pick up 2 more and go up through the next large bead. Follow the yellow thread path for this step.

Do this same cross of beads on the large beads on the side of the cross.
Needle back up so you're coming out of your top bead.
To see examples sent in by others, click here.
I wrote this up quickly for someone, so it's lacking in a lot of detail. Hopefully it will be enough.  :)