Convertible Bracelets
After I made my Convertible Necklaces, I started to work on some Russian Net bracelets. I didn't like any of the clasps I had, so I decided to dress up the bracelet by adding a cuff, and at the same time, hiding the clasp. Now I can switch cuffs, or wear them without. :)
Here are a couple of different cuffs I made for the black bangle.
A blue and silver bangle, and with a plain silver cuff.
This is a cuff I made for one of the necklaces.
A purple and green bangle, and with one of the cuffs I made for the convertible necklaces.
A white and gold bangle with an embellished Peyote cuff.
This bangle doesn't have a cuff, but I thought I'd show it on this page because it's the same weave as the others. I got bored when I got to the middle, and added some pearls.  ;)
All of these bangles were made with the variation of the Tubular net stitch. You can find a tutorial by Marilyn Peters here.

I did these a little different than the tutorial shows. I used the variation I show at the bottom of the tutorial page. This variation is called a Russian net. The difference is that instead of picking up 3 of the same size, you pick up 1 larger, and 2 smaller. The examples on the tutorial page shows this stitch done with size 8.0 and size 11.0 seeds. All the bangles on this page were done with the 11.0 as the large bead, and size 15.0 for the small beads. This makes a nice tight weave.

The other difference between the way I did these, and the way Marilyn shows is that I started out with 8  size 15.0 beads, did one row of netting with the 15s, then did the rest with the 11/15 combination. I do these around a toothpick because it's easier for me to handle, so I start with 8 beads instead of 4 like she shows in her tute.  After I'm done, I go back to the ends and decrease down to 4 beads.

I attached the magnetic clasps a couple of different ways. On one, I ran a piece of Softflex through it and used crimps. On the others I just sewed the clasps on to the end.  I didn't really have a preference between the two methods except that I was getting a little annoyed that the Softflex and the crimp tool was so attracted to the magnet. ;) But so was my needle when I was sewing the clasp on, so it was a toss-up as to which way worked better.
I used black and iris purple seeds for this bangle. The instructions for making the embellished Peyote cuff can be found here.
I got the magnetic clasps from Cindy at Cindy's Crafts. You can contact her here.  Or you can visit her website here.
Ruby's Jewelry Design & Beadwork  Copyright 2006
This bangle was made with silver lined brown matte AB size 11.0 and light bronze size 15.0 seeds. The cuff was made with silver lined chocolate (I can't recall the exact name) Delicas.  The close-up shows the colors the best.  I haven't decided whether or not I'm going to embellish this cuff or leave it the way it is.
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