These two pots are Coleus that I wintered from last year. The leaves aren't as big as they were originally, but they're still pretty, and they're growing good.  :)  I wonder if they would have gotten bigger leaves if I would have planted them in the ground instead of leaving them in pots?
I love Coleus!
Here's that Coleus I bought when you and I were plant shopping. I can't believe how HUGE it's gotten!

I took cuttings from it already and have two nice plants growing for next year. :)  
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This is a "Kong" coleus. It's up by Paul's garage.
Kong Coleus
These 4 pics are all from the shed bed.

The spotted plants are Polka Dot plants. They're doing pretty good here. Mom Fischer had given me some years ago and said that she'd never been able to get them to grow. I couldn't at the time either, but they sure like it here.  :)
This beauty is in the Iris bed. It just pops out at you when you're coming up the driveway, and says, "LOOK AT ME!!!!!!!!!"

I wonder if the color would have been as brilliant if it was in the shade?

I sure hope I can get lots of cuttings from this to grow so I can have them all over the place next year!
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See all the little Snapdragons at the base of the Coleus?  They all came from seed dropped by lasts year's plants.  :)  I love free plants!  
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These are the varieties I have back in the Meditation Garden. I love the light green ones.....they really brighten it up back there. Next year I'll do more of a mass planting of them. It should be beautiful!

I'm going to take cuttings from all my Coleus, and try to save them all over the winter. So hopefully I'll have Coleus to share with you next year!
Here's what the rock planter looked like when I first got that Coleus. What a difference a couple of months make!!!!

You can see how big that Persian Shield in the whiskey barrel has gotten too!
Here are the cuttings I took and started from the "Dipt in Wine" Coleus from the rock planter. I'm glad Coleus are so easy to grow from cuttings!

Now let's hope I can keep them alive over the winter.  ;)
Ok, these (obviously) aren't Coleus, but I ran out of room on the 'More Flowers' page, and wanted to show you how nice these roses came back.

Remember how they were skeletonized completely by the bugs?  I'm thrilled that they came back! I've even gotten a few gorgeous red roses on them!
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