Here's a cute and easy little motif that you can use as an ornament, to add a special touch to holiday packages, a suncatcher, or to incorporate into a piece of jewelry. Click here to see the lariat necklaces I made with it.

8 6mm beads
8 4mm beads  (or more if you want to use them in the hanger)
Small amount of size 8.0 seeds
Needle and thread. (I used 10lb Fireline)
Start by picking up 8 each of the 6m and the 8.0 seeds. alternating them. Tie in a circle.  Leave enough of a tail to weave in later.
Needle through the next few beads so that you are coming out of a seed bead.

*Pick up 2 seeds, a 4mm, and 2 seeds. Go through the next seed in the ring.
Repeat from * until you have all eight 'peaks'.  
This picture shows where to go into for the last peak.
Go through the next seed in the inner ring.
Pick up 3 seeds and go through the next seed, 6mm and seed.

Repeat 3 more times.
Now needle up through the beads until you are coming out of the center bead in a peak.
At this point you can pick up enough seeds to make a loop. Or if you are going to make a lariat, finish it off by weaving the thread back into the circle and clip.

I like to weave all the way around, and through each peak again to stiffen it up a little, but it's not absolutely necessary.
See how easy that was?  Now let your imagination take over, and think of fun ways to use this motif. If you'd like to show your work here, just email it to me. :)
Wreath/Circle Motif
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