Name: Jobeader (Joey)
I used Ornela 11 : 12 colors of blue and 8 seed beads for the flower parts
2 colors 4mm cats eyes for the centers
3 colors of blue Dyna-mites 11/0
Light blue and E size beads
Sapphire blue for the connection parts
It was done in the continuous stringing pattern with Nymo Thread.
Different Strokes for Different Folks Challenge

In December of 07, Andrea, from Original Sin Designs started a challenge on the Bead & Button forum, and decided to use my star bracelet for the pattern. She said, "Have you ever come across one beaders' interpretation of another beader's design, and thought how interesting it would be to see how a number of artists might interpret a single given pattern? I have, and evidently so have many of us...this is how the Challenge "Different Strokes for Different Folks" on the Bead and Button Forums was born.
The chosen pattern was Ruby's Star bracelet, and the only constrictions were essentially two - everybody had to use the exact bead size as specified in the pattern, and everybody had to follow the pattern exactly. The only exception to the bead size constraint was the size 5 bead Ruby chose for the star centers and the sections joining each star on the bracelet - this was left up to the beader. All types, colors, finishes and shapes of beads chosen for the project were entirely up to each artist, as well as the choice to expand on and/or embellish the original pattern.
Lessons learned? Plenty, by everybody! This was an excellent exercise in stepping out of our comfort zones, a method for becoming familiar with how bead shape variation will affect any given design, and a perfect opportunity to expand our designing horizons through experimentation.
It was so much fun to see all of the different variations these creative gals came up with! Be sure to click on the links to see more of each person's work (where possible).
If you'd like to read more about what beads were used in each piece, go here, where Andrea has posted all the pictures and information. Also check out the original thread where all the participants talked about the challenge, and what they were finding challenging about it!
I'll start with Andrea's gorgeous creations........
Beads used in bracelet 1
Size 11 -
opaque brown Czech seeds, metallic iris bronze Czech cut cylinder beads (a note on these cut beads - they are labeled as being cuts, but there is not a cut on them, I think my supplier received a batch of cut beads without the cut!)
Size 8 - transparent topaz AB Japanese seeds
Size 5 - substituted with 4mm Swarovski satin garnet AB bicones
4mm Swarovski satin garnet AB bicones, 4mm goldtone German glass pearls, metallic iris bronze Czech cut cylinder beads, size 9 dark topaz German cylinder beads and size 9 ruby AB German seed beads
Beads used in bracelet 2
Size 11 - opaque white Czech seeds, silverlined aqua Czech cylinder beads
Size 8 - sterling silver plated Japanese seed beads
Size 5 - substituted with 4mm turquoise rounds in the flowers and with 4mm Bermuda blue Swarovski bicones at the joins
Embellishment: sterling silver plated Japanese seed beads,opaque white Czech seeds, silverlined aqua Czech cylinder beads, 4mm turquoise rounds, 4mm Bermuda blue and Capri blue Swarovski bicones
Name: Jama Watts - These Precious Things
Size 11/0 - Delicas - black
Size 8/0 - Dynamites - White
Size 5.0 - substituted with 8/0 - Dynamites - White
Beads Used for Embellishment:
11/0 Delicas - black & 8/0 Dynamites - White
Size D Black Nymo
The clasp is a toggle I made myself. The toggle is square stitch and the loop is peyote.
I used the original method of making each piece separately and then putting them together.
Name: Dorrie Shuster
Delica 11/o #57-Lined Sky Blue
Delica 8/o #164-Opaque Rainbow Turquoise Blue
Size 5 Miyuki Triangles #2931-Color Lined Ice Blue
4mm Swarovski Bicone-Aqua
Clear Vintage button for my clasp
PowerPro for my thread
I used the continuous thread method.
Name: Michele Bailey - Hedgelands Glass Gems
Bracelet 1 (left)
Toho 11s in matt black and metallic mix
Toho 8 in metallic burgundy
Miyuki 5 Triangle in teal
Notes: I used the continuous thread method. The clasp is a simple loop with an artisan lampwork bead (12mm) by Funky Cow forming the other half.
Bracelet 2 (right)
Toho 11s in matt black. haematite and galvanised silver
Toho 8s in haematite
Toho 11 triangle in black
Notes: Again the continuous thread method, this time the clasp is a simple loop with a Czech firepolish bead (10mm)
Name: Lynn - Northern Ontario, Canada
Size 11/0 seeds - silver-lined silver Czech
Size 8/0 seeds - silver-lined sapphire Czech
Size 5/0 triangles - substituted 4mm swarovski crystal rounds
Fireline thread - Size D crystal
Silver-plated clasp
Name: Berrys Beaded Designs Username: AlexD
Bead Descriptions
I made a full necklace/bracelet & earring set and I titled the set Red Hot .
Beads used in Ruby's Star Bracelet pattern:
Size 11/0 - Delica - black & Czech - red iris
Size 8/0 - Miyuki - Dusty Rose lined
Size 5.0 - substituted with 4mm Swarvoski - Lt Siam & 3mm Czech fire polished - black
Beads Used for Embellishment: Czech ruby glass daggers
I made my own toggle clasp with peyote stitch.
Artist: Cathi Kent
Bead Description:
Miyuki 3mm squares-opaque black;
Czech 11/0 seeds-hematite;
Czech 11/0 seeds-opaque black;
Japanese 8/0 seeds-opaque white AB;
Japanese 11/0 seeds-matte black.
Thread is smoke Fireline, size B.
Thank you all for participating in this challenge!  It will surely give lots of inspiration to other beaders who are looking to 'go beyond the pattern' with their own work!  All of your creations are gorgeous and creative, and you should all be proud of yourselves!