Crystal RAW Bracelet variations
This bracelet was made the same way as the one in the tutorial. The only difference is the size (and color) of beads I used!  Instead of 11s and 8s, I used 15s and 11s. I also used some gorgeous Swarovski bicones which gives it a different look than the round crystals.
On the embellishing passes, I used two 15s, an 11 and two 15s instead of the 11, crystal, 11 set that I used on the the other one.
If you've made a bracelet using this tutorial, and would like to show it on this page, please email it to me along with information on what beads you used, changes you made, etc. Thanks! We all love to see the creative eye candy you talented beaders come up with!
This is a fun pattern because it's so versatile. Experiment with different sizes, shapes and colors of beads to see what a difference a small change can make in this basic pattern!  
On this one, I used an 11, crystal, 11 combination for going around the outside.
These fabulous variations were made by Esther (GardenGirl). She said this about them, "I did my bracelets with size 14# mono line in two needle RAW. The topaz flowers one uses bronze beads and they were very tiny for the mono line. So when I did the multi flower one I used size 10 brown iris and that was way easier to work with."
Gorgeous!  Thanks for sharing Esther!  If you'd like to see more of Esther's beautiful work, check out her Picturetrail site. It will be time well spent!!
This beautiful combination of colors was made by Adriana (from the About Beadwork forum).  It looks like a gorgeous fall landscape captured as the trees were changing colors. :)  Thanks Adriana!
This gorgeous bracelet was made by Lisa. She is a relatively new beader, but has already amassed an incredible amount of beautifully done pieces. Go visit her site to see some real yummy eye candy.