Simple Butterfly Necklace

Size 11.0 seed beads
Size 6mm bead (optional)
Thread  (I used 10lb Fireline)
Needle  (I use a size 12 needle)
Clasp of your choice
Begin by threading your needle with approx.  35" of thread.  Pick up 13 beads and tie in a circle, leaving a tail of about 5" to weave in later.
If you decide you want a center bead, add it now and go up through the 7th bead from the knot.
Put your needle through the next 3 beads, then pick up 5 beads, and making a circle, go back through the bead your thread is comng out of.
Now go through the next 2 beads on your center circle.
For your first wing, pick up 41 beads.  Skip 3 beads in the center circle, then loop your thread around the center thread between the 3rd and 4th bead as shown.
Needle through 6 beads as shown.
For the lower wing, pick up 27 beads. Skip one bead on the center circle, and go around the center thread between the next two beads.  Go through 6 beads on this wing to be in position to add the next wing.
Pick up 27 beads, skip one center bead and loop your thread around the center thread between the next two beads.  Go through 6 wing beads to be in position for your last wing.
Pick up 35 beads, then skip 3 beads in your center circle,  and attach wing as before.

Now I like to weave my thread back through the wings to stiffen them up a little. After I'm done, I can just snip the thread.
I like to weave my tail in at this point. Weave once around the circle and clip.
Start a new thread and tie on your clasp.  Pick up enough seeds to make the necklace the length you like.

I used 115 beads, and the butterfly rides right below my collar bone.
Loop around the thread between the 15th and 16th bead on an upper wing the same way you attached the wings to the center, and then needle back up to the clasp and tie off.

Repeat on other side and you're done!
Use this same technique, and try different counts of beads to make the wings different, or try to make flower petals instead!

If you want your butterfly to be a little stiffer, try a light coat of Future Floor Polish!

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Have Fun!!!!
Here's a fun little necklace that you can whip out in no time, with a minimal amount of beads.
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