I made this one in 2002, and named it 'Summer Storm' because I made it during a summer storm.  ;)  Over the years, I've gotten so many requests for the pattern, so I finally got around to doing it!

The only difference between this one and the tutorial is that I used just one size 8.0 seed on either side of the middle seed of the X, instead of two size 11.0 seeds. I used silver lined purple bugles, iris purple metallic seeds and rainbow clear seeds, and made a beaded ball clasp.
This is the one I made last week so that I could remember how I did it in order to do the tutorial. I used silver lined bugles and seeds with purple velvet seeds.
I would love to see your color combinations if you make this pattern!  If you'd like to have them shown on this page, just email the pic to me, along with information on what beads you used, and anything else you'd like to say about it. I'd appreciate it if you'd also let me know if you'd like your name and/or email and website address listed with your picture.

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Tropical Dusk

This is Michelle's beautiful version!
She used teal matte bugles, silver-lined turquoise seeds and purple/blue iris triangles.

She did a fabulous job, and made such beautiful color/bead selections! I love it!  Thanks so much for sharing Michelle.....you truly are an inspiration. :)
Ann wanted a wider bracelet, so she made two rows, and it turned out fabulously!  I love the colors, and I love the double rows.
Thanks Ann!
Be sure to check out all of Ann's beautiful beading at her website.
Jean Perret, a member of the New Orleans Bead Society sent this picture of her beautiful Red Hat version of the bugle bracelet. I would have never thought to combine red and purple together before I heard of the Red Hat ladies.....those are their colors, and they look great together!  

Jean wrote (in part) in her email...
"My Red Hat friends liked it as much as I did and have asked me to show them how to make it. May I have your permission to teach them how to make their own? It would be very much appreciated and they will appreciate it even more if they have their own to sport around. I'll take a group picture of us and send it to you."
Of course I said yes, and can't wait to see the picture of all those wonderful ladies with their beautiful purple and red bracelets. :)

Thanks Jean!  I love the charms you added too!
Here are a couple more bugle bracelets I made. The only difference is that I used bugles all the way around instead of just on the sides, and I used 4mm beads in the X instead of just seeds.  Play with the pattern, and see what you come up with!