Fun With Bugles..... Part 1
This bracelet is fast, fun and easy! And depending on the beads you use, it can look elegant and formal, or casual and fun. :)
*size 3 bugles (7mm)
*size 11.0 seeds
*thread of your choice (I used 8lb Crystal Fireline)
*clasp of your choice
NOTE: Please read notes at end before beginning!
1.) Begin by picking up 1 bugle, 3 seeds, 1 bugle, 3 seeds.  Tie in a circle (square) Remember to leave a long enough tail to attach your clasp later.

2.) Needle through the next 3 seeds and the bugle as shown so you're in position to make the next square.
3.) Now add the next square by picking up 3 seeds, 1 bugle and 3 seeds. Go up through the side bugle of the first square.

4.) Needle through the next 3 seeds, then down through the bugle.
Now just repeat steps 3 and 4 until the bracelet is the length you want it to be. Remember to leave about an inch for the clasp!
When you're done, meet me back here and we'll add the embellishments!
When I get to the end, I like to add the first half of my clasp. You don't have to do it now... it's just easier for me.  (If you don't have a clasp with the hole going the right way, you can just use a jumpring through this bead loop, and attach the clasp to that. I make my own clasps, so I can make the hole going any way I want. ;) )

Pick up 4 seeds and your clasp, then go back through the side bugle. I like to go around several times to reinforce it, then end up coming out of the top of the bugle to start the embellishment row.
Now we'll add the first pass of the embellishment. Pick up 2 contrast colors, 1 main color and 2 contrast colors, and go up through the next bugle as shown.
Repeat to the end of the bracelet.
Sorry...I laid this on the scanner should be showing the front of the bracelet!  The directions are the same though. :)
Now we're going to go back the other way and complete our X's.
Pick up two seeds, and go down through your center (main color) seed. Then pick up two more seeds, and go up through the next bugle. Continue to the end, filling in the X's!
Now I'm back to showing the front of the bracelet. ;)
See how the beads lay on top of the squares?
Click here for more pictures

This bracelet takes a lot of thread, so use as much as you feel comfortable with. One good thing is that since it's a repeating pattern, you can start in the middle of the bracelet, work one side, then go back and work the other side. That way you can have a looong piece of thread, but only use half of it at a time!

Bugle beads: Alot of bugle beads are sharp, or have chipped edges that will cut your thread, so be careful as you're working, and cull out the ones that are sharp.  I'm using Fireline, and even though a lot of people prefer to use threads like Nymo, I think that Fireline works the best since it's so easy to cut the thread with the bugles. If you use a nylon thread, it wouldn't hurt to go all the way back through the bracelet to reinforce it. :)

Clasp: This bracelet has a front and back side, so if you use a clasp that has top and bottom side, keep that in mind as you're adding it. You don't want to get it all sewed on, only to realize that it's backwards!  ;)

Finishing off:  This is one of the easiest types of patterns to finish off (or add thread to) because of the squares. All you do is go around the squares, making sure to make a couple of complete circles (squares) and then just come out between the top three beads and clip the thread.
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