Easy Brio Wraps
Both of these teardrop shaped stones were wrapped the same way. The only difference is the way the ends were finished. :)

Brio of any size
20g or 22g wire, depending on size of brio and hole in brio
Bent nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Start with about 6" of wire. (You may want to use more or less depending on how you want to finish it off.)

Center the stone on the wire, and cross the wires, making sure that where they cross is centered.
Hold your wires with your round nose pliers right below where they cross.
While holding the wires like in the previous picture, take your bent nose pliers and gently squeeze the wires together where they cross.  I couldn't show this with both pairs of pliers because I needed one hand to take the picture.  ;)
Your wires should look like this now.
Now begin wrapping one wire around the other.
Make one complete wrap, making sure it's nice and close to where the wires are bent.
Make a bend in the other wire about 2 wire widths above your wrap.
Now form your loop with that wire, and wrap down to your first wrap.

Sorry for the blurry picture!
With the wires sticking out on either side, clip them to the same length.... about 1/2'\" long.
Now, using your round nose pliers, turn the loops.
If you like the look of the second wrap shown at the top of the page, don't clip your wires. Use them to make coils or swirls, or whatever shape you like. :)
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