Beaded Ball & Loop Closure

I've had many requests for instructions on how to make this type of closure, so I'm finally getting around to putting up the tutorial! 


Seed beads that match the beads in your piece.
1 size 'E' bead. ( I get tubes of these for cheap at Walmart. The size isn't marked on them, but I think it's a size 'E' or a size 5.0)
Begin by coming out of your bracelet or necklace where you want your closure to be. (I normally use two of these with a wide cuff bracelet)

Pick up 6 seeds, 1 E bead, and 3 more seeds.
Now go back up through the bottom of the large bead, so that the last 3 seeds wrap around the outside of the large bead.

Make sure to keep your tension tight at this stage, so that the first 6 beads are tight against the piece, and that there is no thread gap showing.  (Like in the picture. lol)
Continue to add 3 beads at a time, going up through the bottom of the large bead, until it's completely covered.

(Notice in this picture that the first 6 beads are snug against the choker.)
When your large bead is covered, your thread will be coming out of the top. Pick up 1 seed, and go down through the top of the large bead, and through the first 6 seeds on the underside.

Note: If you look at the top picture, you can see that I made a little variation in that closure by coming out of the 3rd bead, and then adding 3 more before going back into your piece. Either way is fine..... it just depends on the look you like. :)
Now weave your thread back through your work until you feel it's secure. If you like to tie knots, go ahead and do it!  Clip thread, and go to the other side and thread you needle with the tail you left when you started your piece.

I usually make the loop with about 21 seeds, but you may have to adjust this amount. You will want the loop to be snug, (and keep in mind that Nymo will stretch some after a while) but not so tight that the ball doesn't fit through it. lol 

And that's all there is to it!  I think that some beaded pieces look fabulous with a metal clasp, but there are pieces that really look much better with a beaded ball that matches.  You're the be the judge of what looks best with your work. 

If you have any questions, or need something clarified, feel free to email me at

Happy Beading!