These sandals are a fast and fun project that you can complete in about an hour. Then head outside to the pool or beach to show them off!

Approx. 36" of elastic (I used 1.0mm bracelet cord from FMG)
Beads of your choice.  I'm using pony beads, 1" and 1.5" hairpipe beads for this project.
Cut approx. 30" of the cord and fold it in half. Tie a knot towards the end. This is where your toe will go. (second toe)  Experiment with the placement of the knot until it's comfy for you.  :-)
String both ends of elastic through beads until the length goes all the way up your foot to the middle of your ankle where the bracelet part will be. Then thread on 1 large hairpipe and 1 pony bead on each side.
String on 1 pony, 1 hairpipe and 1 pony to one side. Then go through those same beads with the other side of cord so that it crosses over forming a V.
Continue to string on beads until they fit around your ankle. Tie a knot and tug it a little to hide it inside of a bead.
Make one more sandal, put your beads away, and get out of the the beach!
A special thanks to Donna & Marilee!
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