Another Barefoot Sandal
This is a fun and easy barefoot sandal that can be made up in about an hour, and has lots of room for variations to make it different with every pair you make.

*Fireline....about 4 - 6 ft  10lb test
Size 8.0 beads in 2 colors
1/2" twisted bugle beads
Since footwear take more abuse than other jewelry, I used Fireline because it holds up well.
Begin by tying your line to one end of your clasp. I just used regular knots for this. Leave about a 4"tail to weave in later.
*Pick up 5 clear and 4 'flower' beads.
Go back through the 1st flower bead you picked up and pull tight so that it looks like the inset picture.

Repeat from
* to end of anklet.  I made mine with 18 flowers, ending with 5 clear beads, but you may want to make yours shorter or longer depending on the size of your ankle.
When you get to the end, tie on the other half of your clasp. I usually just do a couple of half hitches.
You'll need 4 flowers for the center netting, so needle through until you reach the 1st of the middle 4.  In my case, using 18 flowers, I am starting my netting on the 8th flower. Needle through the first 2 beads as shown, so you're coming out of the bottom 'petal'.
Pick up 1 bugle, 1 pink, 1 bugle, and go through the bottom petal of your next flower.
Repeat 2 more times so that you have 3 points.
Now you have to weave around and back down so you're in position to add your next row of netting.
This row is the same as the last, but with only 2 points.
After you make your second point, you'll need to weave up and back down to be in position to add your last point.

For the last one, pick up 1 pink, 1 bugle, 3 pink, 1 bugle, and 1 pink.
Again weave up and then back down so that you're coming out of the center of the 3 pink beads.

Now we're ready to add the strap that leads to the toe ring.

Pick up 1 bugle and 4 pink and go back through the first pink like you did before to form the flower.

The amount of tmes you repeat this step will depend on how long you need it to reach your toe. I used 5 bugle/flower sets.
Now add your toe loop.  I used 30 beads for the loop. Go back up through the side petal on the last flower.  Pick up a bugle and go through the side petal on the next flower. Repeat until you reach the bottom of the netting.
After you've added your last bugle, go through the center pink in the opposite direction that the thread came out of on your way down the strap so that it will lay right.
Go through the next pink bead, then pick up 1 pink and go down through the next to form a flower. Weave around this flower a couple of times and then weave your thread back up through the bugles towards the anklet.  Clip the thread.

Now go find some nail polish to match your beads, paint your toenails and hit the beach!
Design tips:

If you don't have bugles, you can replace them with seed beads, or maybe throw a couple of crystals in instead!

For a different look, leave a very long tail when you begin, and then when you're done with the part I've showed you, use your tail to make loops of beads between the flowers on the anklet.

Try different sizes and shapes of beads.

Above all else, HAVE FUN!
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