Ann Livingstone is a grandmother living in Canada that loves to show her grandchildren how to bead.  The beautiful necklace on the left is called the 'Tricia' necklace, and was made by her 13 year old grandaughter. The beautiful set on the right was made by Ann as a gift for her doctor. (Lucky doc!) 
They're both beautiful, and a perfect example of what I hope to see from my tutorials......taking a basic pattern to learn the stitches and techniques, and then going off on your own to create something really special!  Thanks so much Ann for sharing your inspiring creations. :)
If you would like to show what you made using the anklet tutorial on this page, just email it to me with permission to post it, and any information on beads, etc. you'd like to include. Also include an email and/or website address if you'd like that posted with your pics.  :)

Happy beading!
Examples made from the Anklet tutorial
The next 3 examples were sent by Gail from the Florida keys. She also thought this pattern would make a lovely necklace, and she made some beauties!  She wrote, "I am a fairly new beader who enjoys trying new things. I liked your ankle bracelet pattern, but wanted to expand it to a necklace. I used small daggers, 4mm swarovski bicones, fringe beads, and #8 seeds along with the #11 seeds to create different looks! "
You're doing great for a new beader Gail! I'm glad you went outside the pattern to create something of your very own.  :)  Thanks for sharing.